All OOOers

possess over 10 years of corporate training and consulting experience across various industries

All of us are from corporations. We recognize corporate learning needs. We understand corporate people behaviors. We experienced corporate constraints.


Celine Xiao (IMBA)

Celine has worked for the leading companies in different industries such as IT, manufacturing, fashion, e-commercial in the past 10 years as an in-house training team head and HR department head. She is a scientific-practitioner with a study published in Chinese Journal of Health Psychology and presented in World Psychology Conference in Beijing.

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Christine He (Master of HR Mgt. & Dev.)

Christine is holding a Master Degree in HR Management & Development from the University of Leicester. She is an all-rounded people developer with over 16 years of people management, leadership development, business partnership and HR operations experience at various well-known fortune 500 companies.

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Desmond Mok (HKMA Distinguished Trainer Awardee)

Desmond Mok has developed his career as an in-house training team head in the leading companies of different industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, catering and beverage in the past 10 years. He was also a registered social worker specialized in people development.

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Edward Tse (Registered I/O Psychologist)

Edward has experiences in both in-house human resources and training consulting in his past career. He had served clients across different industries including finance, insurance, FMCG, servicing, cosmetic and academia.

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Frankie Tsang (Master in Human Resources Management)

Frankie was the Head of Human Resource Development and Talent Development of a Fortune 500 Corporation. He also spent a few years in eternal consultancy as a management consultant. He has been engaging himself in uncovering peoples’ potentials for over 16 years.

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Mills Wong (Registered I/O Psychologist)

Mills was the Regional Head of L&D and Talent Management at Fortune 100 Multi National Corporations and a management consultant in a global consulting firm. He was also the program host of RTHK psychology program “捉心理”.

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Woody Chan (BSc in Multimedia Technology and Innovation)

With a major in multimedia technology, Woody an all-round professional for all kinds of innovative and multimedia solutions, including video and animation production, photography, graphic design, and programming.

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Lucy Lo (Higher Diploma in Advertising design)

Majoring in Advertising Design, Lucy is talented in using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After effect skills, etc. She had worked as a video producer for a magazine.

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Samantha Chung (BA in Creative Media)

Samantha has experiences in a wide variety of multimedia creations. In her past career, she had involved projects in including online EDM design, leaflet, poster and booth design.

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Corn Yung (BA in Anthropology)

Being an Anthropology student in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Corn is so fond of observing human behaviors, which has greatly nurture her sensitivity and skills when it comes to script writing.

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