are committed to bringing in cutting-edge technology and up-to-date psychological concepts to reform elearning approaches and reshape learning behaviors.

We dedicate ourselves to creating a


for Organizations in Asia.

What Do 3Circles Stand for?

We combine PSYCHOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY & EXPERIENCE into a brand new elearning methodology (3 principles) to resolve the problem of low usage and effectiveness of elearning.

Another Denotation of 3Circles

We produce and provide 3 types of elearning approach.

VR-learning = Virtual Reality Learning

V-learning = Video Learning

W-learning = Web Learning

3 Principles of 3Circles Methodology

Bite-size: the duration of all elearning programs are within 3-5 minutes that retains the best attention for learning

Case-basis: authentic cases happened at work are adopted to be the framework of elearning programs.

2-level Test: every elearning program is testing 2 levels of learning which are recall rate and application.

100 non-mandatory elearning programs,
participation rate only 10-15%

In-house L&D survey 2015

We chop programs in 3-4 minutes and highlight key recall behaviors in problematic cases in order to address people’s short time span and problem-based learning habit.

Therefore, learners can recall key behaviors easily and learn with motives in fragmentary time